A frequent objection which closed communion churches hear is “What about Christians who are visiting your church because they are on vacation? Should not they be given communion?”

The answer is no. No communion supper is necessary or should be granted to the Christian tourist. For it must be remembered that the travelling holiday is a relatively modern phenomenon. People have only been doing it for about two hundred years. In Paul’s day, people didn’t just clear off to another part of the world or the country for two or three weeks every year. They were too busy, or too poor, many of them were slaves, and the technology for high-speed travel did not exist. Just because the world changes its customs and technology is no reason for the church of Christ to change its doctrines. Remember, Christ called us out of the world, to serve Him!

It is good for travelling Christians to make a point of visiting a local house of the Lord on the Lord’s day, for no Christian should ever think that he is on holiday from the Lord. Therefore, it is even more important that Christian tourists should be made to feel homesick for their own church.

When they are excluded from communion in the holiday church, it should remind them of the bonds of fellowship they have left behind in their home church, and this should encourage them to pray for their home church, because they are still responsible to that body of Christ which they have left behind for two weeks in the pursuit of leisure, and they are indeed ambassadors for it.


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