Membership of your church should be more important than where you take your vacation, or even where you live. If you ever think of moving house to another area, because of more comfort, or easier travelling to work, you should always first consider if there is a good Bible-believing church in the area to which you are thinking of going. If there isn’t, then don’t move there, unless you are capable of starting a new church there yourself.

It is a fact of record that many fine, active Christians fall away from the faith, leave church completely, fall into sin and become adulterers and even murderers. This sad chain of events often begins when they move house to a different area, an area with no church. They wanted a bigger house. Or a ‘safer’ neighbourhood to live in. Or their employer promoted them to a different regional office. For whatever reason, they thought they were moving to something better. But in becoming geographically disconnected from their church, their life changed to something worse.

Oh, how the world would change if Christians started moving and migrating, not to places where there was better employment, or more sunshine, or a more convenient railway station, but to places where there was a needy church. Or better still, never move at all and stay in their home church. “No thanks boss, I don’t want that promotion, because my local church needs me to stay here.” That would be following Jesus. (Matthew 4:18-20). That would be understanding the will of God for your life.

Christians should stop thinking that God uses the circumstances which human society arranges as opportunities to work His purpose in our life, and start thinking instead that we should be using the instructions in the Bible to work God’s purpose in human society.

By exercising faith, we can take control of our social surroundings for God’s use and glory, above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us. (Ephesians 3:20)
We can be active, not passive, for as God is not a slave to human culture, neither need Christians be enslaved to it. Christians have the power to reverse the status quo and influence and govern human culture. Historically, we accomplished this before, establishing a widespread western Christian culture in the 19th century, there is doctrinally nothing to stop us accomplishing it again in this church age, and one day we shall also yet again govern universally under Christ’s rule. 1 Corinthians 6:2 says “Do ye not know that the saints (you and I) shall judge the world?”

We should therefore start influencing circumstances instead of letting circumstances influence us. Instead of saying “Oh dear, people have to move around so much these days because of modern employment trends, that we’d better have an open communion table”, we should say, “Be not conformed to the image of this world” (Romans 12:2) and close our communion table, stop moving around, stay with our church and watch what happens next. We would see a change! The Bible repeatedly records how God accomplished extraordinary things through the lives of believers who served Him by the book. Correct policy on church membership, activity and missions, flows from the correct procedure of a closed communion table.


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