Because the communion supper is a command, there are rules for doing it correctly, because if it is not done correctly, some or all of the four-fold purpose will be not be properly achieved. The correct way of conducting the communion supper is at a closed table. This is known as ‘Closed Communion’.

That is to say:

1. Closed to, ie, excluding, anyone except Born Again persons.

2. Closed to, ie, excluding, anyone except Born Again persons scripturally baptised (ie, by immersion).

3. Closed to, ie, excluding, anyone except registered members of the local church in which the communion supper is being held.

4. And also closed to, ie, excluding, any church member who is under discipline enforced by that church, permanently or temporarily, for behaviour considered to be either unChristian, or inexpedient and damaging to the church, and/or damaging to the spiritual life of the person concerned.

All of these exclusions are for the ultimate spiritual benefit of those both within, and outside of, the church membership.


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