Dr. Jewell E. Smith was born on 1 April 1928 and was promoted to glory on 6 June 2004. He served as a pastor for the first thirty years of ministry. After completing a three year pastorate of Burton Baptist Church, Flint, Michigan (1954-1957), he moved to Orlando, Florida where he founded Temple Baptist Church and served as pastor for 27 years (1957-1984). He served as an itinerate preacher for the last twenty years of ministry, traveling with a collection of ancient Bibles. His purpose was to inform churches of their Christian heritage and challenge Christians to read and cherish their Authorised Versions.

Dr. Smith delivered his popular series of lectures to Berean Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, North Carolina in September 1997. The following recordings have been made available by this congregation.

1. The Modern Bibles

2. The Bibles of the Martyrs

3. Ancient Witnesses

4. Tried with Fire

5. Your Biblical Heritage

6. The True and the False

These lectures may be viewed by following the link below:


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