The Perfections of God
(Hymns 1-17)

The All-Sufficient Mercy of God: Psalm 89:28: “My mercy will I keep for him for evermore, and my covenant shall stand fast with him.”

R. Burnham

1 All glory to mercy we bring,
The mercy that reigns evermore,
The infinite mercy we sing,

The mercy eternal adore.

2 The mercy converting we prize;
In mercy forgiving delight;

For conquering mercy we rise,
We rise and triumphantly fight.

3 [And when we are wounded by sin,
And scarcely a prayer can repeat,
The mercy that heals us again,

Is mercy transportingly sweet.]

4 What though in the furnace we fall,
Free mercy the Saviour proclaims;
Free mercy in Jesus we call,

And glorify God in the flames.

5 For mercy upholding we pray;
For mercy confirming aspire;
And mercy will bear us away
To God and the glorified choir.


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