I’d raise to God a grateful song,
For his great love to me
In putting me, a worm, among
His chosen family.

He held me in his fond embrace,
E’re I In Adam fell;
Design’d I should see his face
And never go to hell;

Put me in Christ his darling Son,
Ere earth and skies were made;
And thus I was a holy one
In Christ my holy head.

But that I might his truth embrace,
And Jesus, glory in,
He shew’d to me my woeful case,
That I was nought but sin.

His holy law he did apply,
To show me I was lost,
Then none but Christ who came to die,
Was my sweet theme and boast.

This God of love has made himself,
More precious day by day,
More dear to me than wordlings pelf,
Which soon must pass away.

Though sin and darkness, doubts and fears,
Hath caus’d me greatest grief;
As often did my Gcd appear
And give me sweet relief.

When sunk as to the gates of hell,
In sorrow’s horrid gloom,
My God did his dear self reveal,
And bade this hell begone.

He hath sent forth his healing word,
And made me to rejoice,
And know I’m saved in the Lord
As his beloved choice.

He made his truth most plain to me,
That he’ll not change in love,
Or least unkind would to me be,
Though I did faithless prove.

In nature too, as well as grace,
Oft hath my God appear’d,
For which I ne’er would cease to praise,
This good and bounteous Lord.

Avaunt, my unbelieving heart,
Be still; I am God’s care;
He never did from me depart.
Nor disregard my prayer.

His faithfulness can’t know an end;
Nor can his love grow cold:
He is my true eternal Friend;
From me he’ll nought withhold.

And as my many needs require,
He will again appear;
Prove hell and unbelief a liar;
And thus dismiss my fear.

He hath told me my sin’s forgiven,
And hush’d dread Sinia’s blast;
Prov’d me especial heir of heaven,
Whom he will hold most fast.

With saving grace he did adorn
My fallen helpless soul;
Prov’d me built on the corner-stone,
While endless ages roll.

Told me he was my stable rock,
My strength, and my defence;
And that, though hell and world should mock,
They cannot pluck me hence.

These sacred spots I bear in mind,
When God did thus reveal
The love of his eternal mind,
My soul with joy to fill.



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