If in the heaven-ward way we’re bound,
We of’t shall find it true,

That stumbling-blocks our path confound,
And quick-sands, not a few;

The great deceiver lays his plans,
With skill to trap our feet;
By pictures gay, drawn by his hand,
Our fall he wants to greet.

Oft’ when we think we’ re quite secure,
And heedlessly walk on,
Forgetful, that if we endure,

It is through God’s dear Son,

Some untoward event will rise,
Which we had never thought;
We, then our skill and strength despise,
Important lesson taught.

Satan, and those who serve him here,
Delighted are, to find,
Those who profess Christ to revere,
As wav’ring as the wind;

“Hold thou me up,” be this our prayer,
Great God, our strength and shield,
In every dangerous step and shore,
Grant us thy power to wield.

And when death’s valley we pass through,
May we have nought to fear,
If thou our soul, with grace renew,
Our path will then be clear.

And in the new Jerusalem,
When we arrive in peace,
We then the Star of Bethlehem,
Shall praise, and never cease.

Edward Reynolds


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