The Earthen Vessel is a 19th century magazine promoting the values of Strict and Particular Baptist Churches. Its 21 volumes comprise the complete set of monthly publications extending over a 20 year period (1845-65). The magazine was printed in London by the following publishers: (1) James Paul, 1846-55; (2) Banks, 1848-55, 1857-65; (3) Houlston & Stoneman, 1855-6; (4) Patridge, 1856-8; (5) G. J. Stevenson, 1859, 1862, 1864-5. The editor was Charles Waters Banks and by 1859 its circulation had reached to more than 8,000. The content included a variety of materials including theological essays, devotional articles, sermons, anecdotes, poetry, biographies, reviews, letters and reports on churches.

The following items are a selection of articles which appear in the second volume dated 1846. Each entry has been preserved without abridgment and its choice based upon perceived relevancy. It is hoped today’s reader will not only be informed on issues which confronted churches in the 19th century, but will also be challenged to consider these subjects in light of the Baptist witness in the 21st century.

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