April, 2012

Mr. Brown wrote the following document as a circular letter to be distributed to the Baptist Churches constituting the Berks & West Middlesex Association. The occasion which instigated the letter was the annual meeting of the ministers and messengers of these churches assembled at Wallingford on the 1st and 2nd June 1852. A clear challenge on the principle, procedures and parameters of church discipline is provided for the maintenance of every church. Outline headings have been added to the document, but the content has otherwise been unchanged.

Beloved Christian Brethren,

The subject which has been elected for our Annual Letter is one of great interest and importance. The Discipline which our Lord established in His church, and by which He designed to promote the peace, purity, and prosperity of his people, can scarcely be . . .

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On the evening of the 8th of August 2011, I was joined by my brother Marc to stay the night in the church building for the purpose of protecting the facilities from theft, vandalism and arson. Between the 6th and 10th of August, widespread riots, arson and looting was carried out across England. Approximately 3,000 people were arrested, 3,443 crimes committed, five people died, at least 16 people injured and an estimated £200 million worth of property damage incurred.

While sitting in the church office and watching the live news feed, it occurred to me . . .

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The Watchman

2 Apr 2012, by

An exposition of Psalm 5:1-3.

David directs his thoughts entirely to God in this Psalm, making it an excellent model of a powerful prayer. Upon a careful reading of the Psalm, four aspects of prayer are highlighted: Its character, object, certainty and benefit. This study examines the first characteristic of a powerful prayer, namely, the dependency of a soul upon the absolute sovereignty of almighty God. Apprehending the governance of God over one’s life is the precursor to an appeal for the guidance of God in one’s life.

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