1. The first reason of this duty, is one which will settle the matter with all men who do not despise the authority of God that made them, and the book which contains the record of his will, God commands it. That he unquestionably does so, I have proved above, in the most undoubted manner. “He, therefore, that despiseth, despiseth not men but God.” Think not, O sinner, this question, or this controversy, is betwixt thee or me, or any worm like me. No! It is God who is thine adversary in this quarrel. It is He that made thee, whom thou dost resist, and if thou dost prevail, it is Omnipotence thou must conquer. I can tell you God’s will, which you may read for yourself in God’s own book. That done, God and you must settle the matter, with what issue the day of judgment will shew. Oh God! that thy creatures should resist thy will, which is, “that they should not perish,”—should defy thy power, which can cast them into hell more easily than I can write the words. God give the reader grace to consider this before the divine power, now mighty to save, shall have become mighty to destroy him.


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