By: Israel Atkinson


To the Reader

The atonement of Jesus Christ is an unspeakably important branch of gospel truth; and every scriptural, intelligent, and godly exposition and defence of it ought to be welcomed by the living church of God. Mr. Atkinson has placed this subject before us in the following pages, in a thoughtful, interesting, and edifying manner. Some parts are treated with an originality, which is one of the writer’s characteristics that will generate thought, and expand the reader’s view of this great subject. Such a work is required at the present time; for by some the holy mystery of Christ’s sacrifice is wholly ignored, and in the minds of others it takes no definite form and its solemn glories are lost amidst a multitude of vague generalities. I therefore cordially recommend this work to our churches, and to all that may be seeking information concerning “Jesus Christ, and him crucified.”

John Hazelton
Mount Zion, Chadwell-street


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