Jared Smith

Jared Smith was born in London—Wimbledon to be exact; he was raised in Chiswick; educated at an American school in Uxbridge; and, since he was five years old, has congregated weekly with this Baptist church at Notting Hill Gate. At the age of eight, the Lord conquered his heart by sovereign grace. One year later, he professed his faith, in this chapel, through the baptismal waters.

Jared received a calling from the Lord in 1995, whereupon he committed his life to the Gospel Ministry. Turning down the option of Bible college, Jared trained for four years under the private tutelage of several older ministers. He was ordained to the Gospel Ministry in 1999, at which time he became pastor of Bethesda Baptist Church. The following year Jared was united in marriage to Elna Loberiano, and together they serve in the ministries of the church.

Jared has a passion for the values of the Strict and Particular Baptists, and desires to join the distant voices of likeminded brethren in order to strengthen the witness of these truths for today.


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