Adam Nixon

Adam Nixon was questionably saved in All Souls Evangelical Anglican Church, London, in 1980, at the age of 22, and though confirmed there by the Bishop of London himself, he remained unimpressed, untouched and largely unrepentant under Anglican doctrine and teaching. Three years later however, he stumbled upon this church, Bethesda Baptist Kensington, where after hearing true exegetal Biblical preaching for the first time, he was brought under conviction to become properly discipled and scripturally baptised, and shortly thereafter answered the call to preach.

He studied under such mentors as Jack Hoad and Ken Connolly, served as Associate Pastor here between 1984 and 1991, and throughout the 1980’s was a frequent face as relief preacher among the Grace Baptist Assembly and Association churches in the London area, before moving back to his native Lincolnshire for six years in the 1990’s as pastor of Harvest Baptist Church, a rural church-planting endeavour.

He now lives in Rome, Italy, where he moved in 1997 with his Italian wife who works for the Foreign Office, and their two children, a boy and girl, both now in their twenties and attending Italian universities. He is self-employed as a graphic and web designer while continuing an itinerate ministry in Rome Baptist Church and abroad.

A thirteen year hiatus from full-time ministry followed the move to Italy, nevertheless, as an early adaptor of the internet, Adam became a frequent and vocal online blogger and apologist for the Christian faith, and more so since the turn of this new century, when, alarmed and angered by the aggressive new atheistic culture consolidated and spreading through the internet, Adam was awakened to a new conviction and urgency to actually return to the pulpit to proclaim the gospel fundamentals.

Witnessing the dissolution, destruction and disappearance of the local church from the English landscape during his lifetime, Adam believes a key reason for local church death is the concurrent widespread abandonment of a close and scripturally disciplined or closed communion table, and it is to this subject he addresses in the lecture.


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