Bob Morgan

Bob Morgan was brought up in a non-Christian home in a small Welsh village. However, as his parents were not antagonistic towards Christianity, and probably regarded themselves as Christians, Bob was able to attend Sunday School at a Primitive Methodist Church. As he entered his teen years, he believed he was a Christian. As far as he was concerned at the time, he believed in God, and on occasion would even argue the creationist position with his evolutionist friends. It wasn’t until he turned 16 that he began to question his profession of faith. He was invited to attend a special showing of a Billy Graham film at a nearby church. Through the challenge of the Gospel message, and by the sovereign grace of God, the Holy Spirit convicted him of sin and granted him new life in Christ, whereupon Bob turned to Jesus Christ in repentance and faith.

Although Bob felt a burden from the Lord to enter full-time ministry, it wasn’t until many years later that he surrendered to God’s call. This was not due to Bob attempting to disobey the Lord, but rather his desire to be certain of God’s call before entering upon the solemn work of the Gospel Ministry. Bob finished a four year course at the London Reformed Baptist Seminary and was ordained to the Gospel Ministry at Bethesda Baptist Church. He served as an assistant pastor at Bethesda for one year, before he was called to a Baptist church in Brecon, mid Wales, in 1997. In 2000, Bob accepted the call to pastor Northend Baptist Church in Erith, Kent, where he continues to minister.

He has been married to Rosemary for 30 years and has three daughters, all of whom serve the Lord at Northend Baptist Church.


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