The Everlasting Covenant.

Covenant salvation has ever been the glory of the ministry in the Church of God, and where it is not proclaimed in its fulness, there are weakness and decay, and an approximation of the preaching to the colourless and feeble utterances of thousands of speakers to-day. It is of urgent importance that our younger men should prayerfully seek that the Holy Spirit would open up to their understandings, apply to their hearts, and enable them to tell out with power, the covenant security of God’s covenant people; soul-establishing truth to the tried believer, and most gracious encouragement to the poor, seeking sinner. Salvation, in the wondrous love of God our Father, was settled and determined, fixed upon, agreed, infallibly secured before time began, and the Lord Jesus Christ came to accomplish this salvation. What a richness and security, what an adaptation and what certainty do we discover in that atoning blood which cleanses from all sin, and was not shed in vain, for it is “the blood of the everlasting covenant” (Heb 13:20). Jehovah the Father keeps His covenant and says of His eternally loved people, captives to sin and Satan, “Let My people go” (Ex 5:1). Jehovah the Son keeps the covenant, for “He shall see of the travail of His soul, and shall be satisfied” (Is 53:11). Jehovah the Holy Ghost keeps the covenant, for He regenerates, and applies and reveals redemption to every elect vessel of mercy; and therefore we know that each one, the purchase of Jesus’ blood, shall be brought to His feet and made capable of enjoying God; nothing is left contingent. O the blessedness of having a manifest interest in the blood of the covenant, and thus of having a testimony that God has made a covenant with His dear Son on our behalf. What is earth, with all its attractions, compared with an interest in the everlasting covenant, and in the love and blood and righteousness of the Lord, the Lamb! To know and to feel this will help us to preach with unction and power.

Oliver Cromwell, in writing to his son-in-law, says of his daughter: “Bid her be joyful and rejoice in the Lord, once and again; if she knows the covenant she cannot but do so. For that transaction is without her, sure and stedfast between the Father and the Mediator in His blood; therefore leaning upon the Son, or looking to Him, thirsting after Him and embracing Him, we are His seed, and the covenant is sure to all the seed. The compact is for the seed; God is bound in faithfulness to Christ, and in Him to us; the covenant is a transaction between God and Christ. Look up to it. God engageth in it to pardon us; to write His law in our hearts; to plant His fear, so as we shall never depart from Him.”

The question may be asked why, as compared with the men of two generations ago, many of our ministers say so little of the covenant and of the Headship of Adam and Christ? Because there is not that deep sense of sin and that experience of spiritual conflict that have ever been marked when the Church has been most favoured. “The spirit of the age” affects us, an age in which the solemn and awful fact of sin is ignored or belittled by the professing church; the false scientific theory of evolution has corrupted thought upon this momentous reality. He who has slight and superficial views and feelings of sin, will have equally slight and superficial views of the atonement made for sin, and his theology is poisoned from its beginning. All mankind fell in Adam; his transgression is ours; the poison penetrated into soul and body and filled both with death and corruption, and the remedy and deliverance must be at least as full and complete as the ruin which has been entailed upon us. “Lord, show me myself,” “Lord, show me Thyself,” were petitions that were frequently used by a well-known minister in the early part of the last century. Union with the first Adam has ruined us all. Union with the last Adam is the spring of every blessing to the mystical body of Jesus. Dr. Goodwin says: “There are but two men who are seen standing before God, Adam and Jesus Christ; and these two men have all other men hanging at their girdles.” This was the striking form in which this great teacher set forth the two Headships. O the mercy to be joined to Christ in inseparable grace-union! Dr. Goodwin’s foundation book, “Unregenerate Man’s Guiltiness,” should be carefully read by all our ministers.


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