My parents were Baptist Bible College graduates and were serving as missionaries to England in the late 1970’s. Subsequently, I was born and raised in London. They were instrumental in reviving a sovereign grace Baptist church, located in Kensington.

David and Sylvia Smith, Jared, Josiah, Georgia, Marc and Tiffani, c. 1996

My grandfather, Jewell Smith, was also a pastor and itinerate preacher, devoting the last part of his ministry traveling from church to church preaching on the history and translation of the English Bible.

Dr. Jewell Smith, c. 1970′s

I received my early education through a private American school, which is largely responsible for my ‘foreign’ accent. It was at the tender age of eight that the Lord opened my heart, imparting a new nature in Christ. The year after I followed the Lord in obedience to baptism and became a member of the aforementioned church.

Jared Smith, Bethesda Baptist Church, 1986

Just prior to my high school graduation, the Lord pressed a burden upon my heart to preach the gospel. Not long thereafter, I met Dr. Albert Mohler at a conference in England. He graciously accepted an invitation to preach at the church in London, during which time I took the opportunity to receive counsel regarding my future ministerial training. In light of several gospel ministers who were already offering a one-on-one mentorship, Dr. Mohler advised that this may be a better path to follow than enrolling in a formal school. I heeded this counsel and came under the private tutelage of several wonderful teachers, each instructing me on specific subjects—for example, Dr. Jack Hoad, Baptist History; Dr. Ken Connolly, Homiletics and Pastoral Care; Dr. Charles Ryrie, Prophecy; Don Franco Maggiotto, Theology; Dr. Jewell Smith, Bible and Reformation History; &c., &c. Among others, these men sat on the Ordination Committee when I was set apart for the Gospel Ministry.

Dr. Jack Hoad and Jared Smith, Bethesda Baptist Church, 1999

Dr. Ken Connolly and Jared Smith, Orlando Baptist Church, 1999

Dr. Charles Ryrie and Jared Smith, Orlando Baptist Church, 1999

Don Franco Maggiotto and Jared Smith, Orlando Baptist Church, 1999

Dr. Jewell Smith and Jared Smith, Orlando Baptist Church, 1999

After four years of training, I was ordained to the Gospel Ministry in 1999 and became the pastor of Bethesda Baptist Church, London. For two decades, the Lord has given grace to lead the church through the ebb and flow of congregational life. My main weekly duties have included two Sunday sermons, a mid-week Bible study, conducting the services/singing, personal discipleship, one-on-one evangelism, counseling and house/hospital visits. The church averages 60 in attendance. She is one of the largest Strict and Particular Baptist congregations in England, and is arguably the only congregation in London.

Bethesda Baptist Church, Kensington Place, London, England

I am no stranger to training pastors and helping to organize other churches. Most recently, I have agreed to mentor a young man for the gospel ministry who was converted and baptised under my ministry. Please watch him give his testimony of coming to a saving knowledge of Christ (this was recorded by a person attending the meeting, headphones are needed in order to hear the sound):

Jeremiah Ferando, Bethesda Baptist Church, 2016

It is worth mentioning, I co-founded the Association of Historic Baptists in 2010. This is a loose affiliation of likeminded believers, designed to reconnect Strict and Particular Baptist churches with their rich heritage of gospel preaching and doctrinal fidelity. The online resources provide many helpful articles, hymns and video presentations on subjects such as Closed Communion, The Authorised Version, Church Polity and Sovereign Grace.

But enough about me, let me say something about my dear wife and partner in ministry. I met Elna in 1998 during my first missionary journey to the Philippines.

Pastor Gerry Nable, his wife Wen and daughter Genieve; Deacon Mario De Ocampo and his wife Rory; Jared Smith and Elna Loberiano. Hotel Sofitel Grand Boulevard, Manila. 22 Feb 1998

She was a member of a Baptist church in Makati, Manila. Her background is very different from mine, for she was raised in a non-christian home; is a graduate of the University of the Philippines and earned her master’s degree from the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan; and she speaks five languages, including Japanese. Upon agreeing to marry me, she moved to London and we were wedded in April 2000.

Jared and Elna Smith, Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall, 26 April 2000

She has been my constant friend and companion in ministry. Our plans for having children were not in the Lord’s will, so we have focused our energies on working with the parents and children attending the church and building up God’s people in their most holy faith.


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