Yes, we will be ministering in Luzon, outside of Metro Manila, in the general area of Laguna. Elna’s extended family live in this location, and our original plan was to begin preaching the gospel to them.

In his poem, My Last Farewell, national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal named the Philippines the Pearl of the Orient Seas. Indeed, the 7,100 islands appear to rest in the lower corner of the Asiatic Continent as a string of emeralds or pearls. The Philippines is divided into three major island groups: The upper part, Luzon; the middle part, Visayas; the lower part, Mindanao.

Luzon is the northern most region of the archipelago, and is home to the nation’s capital, Manila. The island has a population of 53 million, which is just over half of the country’s entire populace. Laguna is a region south of Metro Manila, curled up like an unborn baby hugging the largest lake in the country. It has a population of around 3 million.

Now, this particular location (Laguna) was wonderfully confirmed by the Lord, when one of the deacons of Bethesda Baptist Church (the congregation I pastor in London) donated a piece of property that could serve as the headquarters for the Strict and Particular Baptist movement in the Philippines. This building would naturally serve as a meeting place for one of the newly organized churches, as well as the venue for training gospel ministers.

The Possible Headquarters for the Strict and Particular Baptist Movement in the Philippines

This location (Laguna) received another confirmation from the Lord, when one of the Filipino couples in Bethesda announced they were moving back to the Philippines. The husband grew up in a Baptist church, but came to a clearer understanding of sovereign grace after attending Bethesda; the wife was converted to Christ after she began attending Bethesda. They are both committed to the teachings of the Strict and Particular Baptists, and are praying about organizing a church in their house. Their house is driving distance from the property that would serve as the headquarters for ministry.

So, even before our arrival, the Lord has been providing property and co-labourers to carry out this gospel work in the Philippines.


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