The AHB hosted three annual conferences between 2012 to 2014.

AHB Conference 2012: (1) Bob Morgan, The Authorised Version; (2) Kevin Price, Sovereign Grace; (3) Adam Nixon, Restricted Communion; (4) Jared Smith, Baptist Polity.

AHB Conference 2013: Dr. David Allan from the Trinitarian Bible Society brought four lectures – (1) The Authorised Version: The Purity of Its Text; (2) The Additions and Subtractions of the NIV; (3) The Subtle Deceit Of The NKJV; (4) The Pretensions Of The ESV.

AHB Conference 2014: Kevin Price brought two lectures – (1) Strict Baptist Beginnings; (2) A Future For The Strict Baptists; Jared Smith brought two lectures: (1) High-Calvinism And The Strict Baptist; (2) High-Calvinism And Preaching The Gospel.

These lectures may be accessed under the sub-categories.


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