Severe Persecutions Of The Believers About The Year 130

About this time, writes P. J. Twisck, the instruments of the devil could not invent punishments severe enough, but what they considered the Christians worthy of. For they were watched in their houses as well as without; men cried out against them in all public places; they were scourged, stoned, and dragged about; their goods were plundered; they were apprehended; red-hot iron plates were applied to their bare bodies; they were placed in a certain instrument made to torture malefactors; they were put into the deepest and darkest places of the prisons, where they were slain, yea, they were afflicted with excruciating torments. P. I. Twisck, Chron., 2d book, for the year 130, page 39, col. 2, and page 40, col. 1, from Jan Crespin in den staet der Kerken.


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