Carpus, Papylus, Agathonica And Many Other Women, Put To Death At Pergamos, In Asia Minor, For The Confession Of The True Faith, About The Year 168

It is recorded that about the same time that the aforementioned Christians were martyred, several other pious persons suffered death for the name of Jesus Christ, and the confession of the Son of God; among whom are mentioned by name, three very eminent persons, namely, Carpus, Papylus, and a woman called Agathonica, together with many other women; who were all crowned with the crown of the holy martyrs at Pergamos, in Asia Minor, for the saving confession of the true faith. Euseb., 4th book, cap. 15, fol. 70, col. 2. A. MelL, 1st book, fol. 42, col. 1, 2.


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