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In the Gospel Standard for 1839, amongst the “Gleanings” was one, attributed to Mr. Gadsby: “The old covenant they broke, and the old law they broke, and break; but they cannot break the new covenant, neither can they break the new law.”

In reply to this, the next month, Mr. Gadsby wrote:

“Messrs. Editors,—In your number for this month (January), page 24, amongst your gleanings, is a remark to which the signature ‘W. G.’ is put, which I altogether deny as ever falling from my lips, It is that the believer ‘cannot break the new law.’ I believe that the blessed Lord writes the glorious substance of every divine law in the hearts of his people, and that the covenant of works they have awfully broken, but that the glorious covenant of grace is secured in Christ, and they cannot break that; and I also believe that the Lord secures unto all his blood-bought family, in the glorious Person of Christ, their Head, all the rich and glorious blessings of that new and everlasting covenant, and, in his own time and way, by the glorious invincible energy of the blessed Spirit, communicates unto and maintains in them a measure of those special blessings, as a sure pledge of their interest in the glorious fulness thereof.

But I never said that they could not break the new law. This I absolutely deny; and your gleaner should be careful how he gleans, and not add sooty ears to the few sound ones he may gather; for, by so doing he may blacken the whole.”—Jan., 1889


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