“And his name, through faith in his name, hath made this man strong.”—Acts 3:16

My soul, begin this month as the Lord in mercy hath enabled thee to begin some that are past, in taking the name of Jesus for thy theme. Let his name be as ointment poured forth, whose fragrancy shall make thee strong, as it made the poor man whole. And as the Lord hath opened a new month to thee in grace, do thou take up his name, through faith in his name, in praise and prayer. And see to it, my soul, that through the month, and indeed the whole of life, improve his name in every case, in every want, in every need. Depend upon it, his name will answer all. Whatever thy necessities are, in Jesus’s name there is a supply for all. Art thou poor, he is rich: sick, he is thy health; weak, he is strong; sinful, he is the Lord thy righteousness. Every thing, and in every way, upon all accounts, and upon all occasions—his name, through faith in his name, is the universal charm, the everlasting remedy, supply, comfort, strength of all. Jesus hath every thing, and all things; and he hath them all for his people. Oh then, my soul, look to Him and his name, for the suited grace in every time of need! He will, as the Psalmist sweetly reasons—he will, nevertheless, (notwithstanding all thy undeservings, this nevertheless is still in the covenant,) he will save for his name’s sake, that he might make his mighty power to be known.


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