Note 8. Rightly understood, how fearful is the import of the above Article!

As long as a man is uninformed as to the character, capaoity, and claims of God’s Son, spiritual Faith is not his duty.

The moment, however, this knowledge reaches him, he becomes the subject of a new, paramount, and imperative obligation, which binds him, at his eternal peril, to perform a duty of the most solemn character.

Have our friends duly considered this . Obligation is ad­ mitted to spring from relationship. Does the fact that the Gospel becomes known to a man alter God’s relation to him, or his relation to God? He was a sinner before; he is a sinner still. He was under the Law before: and is under it still. He was destitute of the principle from which the act of Faith springs. A mere knowledge of the letter of the Gospel incon­ testably does not impart this principle, or all who read the New Testament, or hear an evangelical sermon, would be saved. Nothing, therefore, in the cause assigned, accounts for the perilous obligation, under which such a man is alleged to come. Surely the condemnation of the Law is terrible euough, with­ out the introduction of a Gospel, which? while “it is the power of God unto salvation to those that believe it,” is the occasion of increased woe to the myriads that do not.


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