Mr. Editor:—The following piece of poetry I heard repeatedly by an aged minister of Christ; it is his own composing, and was repeated in the course of his sermon. As his time is nearly out, according to human appearance, and I consider him a bold, faithful, and unflinching champion for the truth, you would oblige me by inserting it in your periodical.

I remain your’s, &c,

Coventry, Sept. 3, 1846. Minimus.

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Every organization which proposes to work smoothly, and yet efficiently, must have certain rules and regulations to be followed; certain laws for the individual members to obey. Failing in this—either without laws or with laws disregarded— all effort will go wide of the mark, and all endeavors, instead of succeeding and furthering each other, will counteract and interrupt each other; confusion will ensue, the wisest designs be frustrated, and the best laid plans become abortive. This is true everywhere. In the State, in the family, every association whether for business, politics, scientific, literary or art research or improvement, all must be . . .

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49. Vitalus

20 Nov 2011, by

Vitalus, Buried Alive At Ravenna For The Name Of Jesus Christ; And His Wife Beaten To Death With Sticks, At Milan, About A.D. 99

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