Christianity in Nutshells

The Preface

‘Christianity in Nutshells’ is a basic summary of the Christian faith. The title is derived from the design and arrangement of the material. As for its design, the articles are written in the style of a catechism. A catechism is a form of teaching which sets forth the biblical truths in a question and answer context. As for its arrangement, each article is comprised of five questions and answers which relate to the main doctrines of the Christian faith—hence, ‘Christianity in Nutshells’.

I have used William Gadsby’s Catechism as the basis for…

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1. Who is the only self-existent Being?

2. What is God?

3. Are there more Gods than one?

4. How many Persons are there in the Godhead?

5. How can there be three Persons in one Godhead?

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1. How many names does God have?

2. Who gave these names to God?

3. What is the most common name by which God is addressed?

4. What does the name Jehovah mean?

5. Ought everyone to believe that Jehovah exists?

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1. How may we know that Jehovah exists?

2. What is the Word of God?

3. Upon what authority do the Holy Scriptures stand as the authentic Word of God?

4. What are the main things contained in the Holy Scriptures?

5. What is the best English translation available for the people of God?

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1. Are the Holy Scriptures a sufficient guide for the people of God?

2. What are the people of God to do with the Holy Scriptures?

3. How are the people of God to read the Holy Scriptures?

4. How are the people of God to study the Holy Scriptures?

5. Are there any resources that might help the people of God better understand the Holy Scriptures?

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1. What are the decrees of God?

2. How does God execute His decrees?

3. What is the work of creation?

4. In how many days did God make the world?

5. Did God create the world through an evolutionary process?

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1. What is the work of providence?

2. Does God work all things together for good in the life of His people?

3. What is the work of grace?

4. In what way does Jehovah love a remnant of the human race?

5. Can the purpose and design of God be hindered or prevented?

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1. How did God create man?

2. What gives man the capacity to have a relationship with God?

3. What gives man the authority to have a relationship with God?

4. What are the terms and promises of the covenant of works?

5. With whom did God enter this covenant of works?

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1. What is a federal head?

2. Did God make Adam and Eve upright, without sin?

3. Did Adam and Eve continue in obedience to this covenant of works?

4. What is sin?

5. What was the sin whereby Adam and Eve fell from the estate wherein they were created?

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1. What was the consequence of Adam’s transgression?

2. What is death?

3. What was Adam and Eve’s reaction after they transgressed God’s law?

4. Was Adam able to recover himself from sin and death after transgressing?

5. Did all mankind fall in Adam’s transgression?

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