Gospel Standard Articles Of Faith (Complete)


I was the pastor of a Strict and Particular Baptist church (Bethesda Chapel, Kensington) in London, England, for twenty years. The church was organized in 1866, with a number of prominent Strict Baptist preachers presiding over the meeting, such as John Hazelton of Mount Zion Chapel, Chadwell Street. As with many Strict Baptist churches of the mid-twentieth century, the Bethesda congregation decreased in number and her teachings merged with those of Low and Moderate-Calvinism. It was into that context I was appointed the pastor in 1999. For the first eleven years of ministry, I assumed the Low and Moderate Calvinist view of the gospel was that around which the church had been organized. However, as I explored the history of the church, and indeed, that of the Strict and Particular Baptists as a whole, I quickly came to realize that the congregation had been founded upon the teachings of the High (or Hyper) Calvinists. Thus began my journey in grace to first, understand what it is the Hyper-Calvinists believe, and second, to discover whether those teachings are aligned with that of the Scriptures. To my shame, I came to realize how little I knew of the gospel and the teachings of Scripture. Moderate Calvinism had so confused the teachings of grace, that I found my understanding twisted in theological knots, resulting in illogical and unscriptural conclusions. In time, and through much study of the Scriptures and communion with the Lord, the contradictions of Moderate-Calvinism were unravelled and the clarity of the gospel was apprehended. As I journeyed with the Lord on these matters, so did the Bethesda congregation under my ministry. I am pleased to say the church rediscovered the faith once delivered to her, and to this day subscribes to high views of sovereign grace.

The Strict and Particular Baptist churches in England, together with their gospel preachers, have often been fiercely independent. However, there were times when congregations attempted to organize associations designed to strengthen the fellowships and secure their doctrinal uniqueness. One such association is that of the Gospel Standard. While not all Strict and Particular Baptist churches have joined the Gospel Standard, yet their Articles of Faith do represent the teachings of the said churches. If, therefore, you are on a journey of grace, exploring what it is the “Hyper-Calvinists” believe, then I pray the Gospel Standard Articles will prove a help and blessing to you.

Jared Smith
Manila, Philippines

The Preamble

The following Articles of Faith are the same as those of the “Gospel Standard” Aid and Poor Relief Societies. Some of them are taken from those of the Westminster Assembly of Divines, 1640, &c., and the General Assembly of Baptist Ministers and Messengers, in London, 1689, and subsequently revised by Dr. Gill. These were amended by the late Mr. W. Gadsby, Mr. J. M’Kenzie, and Mr. J. C. Philpot; and afterwards, in 1878, well considered and…

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