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God With Us

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The First Sermon Preached By John E. Hazelton In Streatley Hall, March 28th, 1909

“Certainly I will be with thee.”—Exodus 3:12

Very various is the discipline, the schooling, the training through which each one of God’s people may pass. I have sometimes said, and it is perfectly true, that God does not teach His people in classes, but that each one has to learn his lesson for himself. One by one are the people of God taught. How wonderful was the training of God’s servant Moses for the mighty work which the Lord had allotted to him! The wonder-working hand of God in Providence is seen at the very outset of his career, when from the reedy river Moses was drawn out, and brought to Pharaoh’s daughter—drawn out of the jaws of death, and presently drawn out of an ungodly world. His training was exactly suited to the work which God had for him to do, and so is yours, and so is mine. We kick against it; we often fight and rebel against it, but depend upon it, each one’s pathway and training, whether we serve God in public or in private, is justly managed by our great and wise and glorious Lord.

Now Moses we are told by Stephen, was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and he was mighty in words and in deeds—that is, the whole compass of science, and of earthly knowledge so far as the…

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