Joseph Hussey, God’s Operations Of Grace But No Offers Of His Grace

To the Godly in Christ Jesus. Respecting Mr. Hussey’s treatise on God’s Operations of Grace, permit me to say, that in every age Satan has had his engines planted against mount Zion “the church of the living God, the beloved city,” either to distress or to destroy her. Among others, false apostles, false ministers, false doctrines, were none of the least, in order to pervert the right ways of the Lord, and to turn aside the simple from the paths of understanding.

In the days of Mr. Hussey, the author of this precious and experimental treatise, they abounded. Ministers of Satan transformed into angels of light, appear to him more detestable and more dangerous to the church and fold of Christ, than open opposers of the truth as it is in Jesus. Such wolves in sheep’s clothing had crept in unawares, not merely to spy out, but, if possible, to root out the liberties and privileges of the children of God.

These base ends they endeavoured to accomplish, not by fair, open, avowed opposition to the truth, but by holding it in unrighteousness; walking in craftiness, and half-heartedness, and hypocrisy; by feigned words, making merchandise of the simple and their experiences, holding the letter of the word, but denying the spirit thereof; holding the form, but denying the power, from such he turned away.

Their business was to aim oblique strokes at Christian experience and confound the marks of sound Conversion; so that the hope of the righteous is removed. These base ends were to be accomplished, by calling an…

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The Sovereign love of God the Father, the free gift of his Son Jesus Christ, the saving, irresistible and abiding operations of the Holy Ghost, together with the revelation and application of them to the mind, and consciences of his own elect, and none other, irrespective of any worth, worthiness, state, or condition whatever, are the truths testified and maintained in this work, in opposition to pretended Calvinistic preachers of the Gospel; who in his, as well as our days, are the greatest opposers of the cross of Christ, for instead of being content to stand in the counsel of God, and point sinners to Christ; as John did, with “behold the Lamb of God,” or, as the Apostles did, showing the way of Salvation; or as the Spouse did, describing Christ’s beauty, till someone falls in love with him, leaving our Lord to make his own choice.

They, under pretense of extra-liberality, go a step, one awful step further, than the Counsel of God, by offering Christ to all their hearers; and very often, that none may mistake their presumptuous generosity, will then intently urge upon their hearers, one in all, to accept, and not to miss, but at that very moment to accept their offer of Christ.

How men came by such authority I know not, and how the transfer can be made without the Holy Ghost, who is generally left out of the question on such occasions, would be as difficult for me to explain, as for them to perform. If this is not spiritual wickedness in high places, and Popery in the abstract, I know not what is!

Such conduct, such offers, such proffers, may very well agree with the traders of Rome, who have Christs in wood and in stone, hanging at the girdle of every popish priest. Such Christs as these, such preachers may offer and proffer to all men; such men may and can accept such Christs, and may as easily part from them again, when they have got them.

A popish Christ is a Christ of wood, a false preacher’s Christ is…

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18 Jun 2022, by

God’s Operations Of Grace But No Offers Of His Grace

To which are added two brief treatises. The one about invitation, and the other about exhortation of sinners to come to Christ; both examined and consistently stated with the glory of free grace, to rectify some common and prevailing mistakes in ministers, who now with time, are running in the present generation.

By Joseph Hussey

A Poor Despised Servant of JESUS CHRIST, and Pastor of the Congregational Church of Christ at Cambridge.

Ezekiel 4:1-2


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