Martyrs Mirror, Thieleman J. Van Braght

The following work is set forth in its entirety, including footnotes which have been added in brackets either preceding or following the reference points. The first 18 chapters provide an overview of Gospel history, beginning with Adam and Eve and proceeding to the present time of the publication, 1660. The remaining chapters are devoted to a detailed record of the sufferings and martyrdoms of God’s people through the ages who have been identified as Baptists. Although the author identifies the history of God’s people as Church history, we believe a more accurate designation would Christian history. Nevertheless, the sentiments of the author are well intended and his overview of history is informative to the reader.

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Of the True Church of God, Its Origin, Progress, an Immovable Stability, through all Times

[As in the following work a survey is given, to some degree, of the succession and establishment of the church, we find it expedient in order that the same may not be misinterpreted, and because some of our good friends have requested and besought us (though we have intended to leave it as it was), to precede, by way of introduction, that which follows, by our exposition of the true and the false church, and of their respective good and evil succession and progress; also, to state the views we hold in regard to the right of succession. We will, therefore, begin here, and, so as not to be tedious, endeavor to be as brief as possible.]

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Of the Divine Service of the Church

The state and divine service of this church have varied from the beginning according to the different periods in which it existed and flourished. From Adam to Noah, from Noah to Abraham, from Abraham to Moses, from Moses to Christ, from Christ to the end of the world, God ordained, for each of these periods . . .

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In What Points the Church of God has Always Continued the Same

God has always ordained teachers in His church, and, therefore, always caused His will to be proclaimed to the people; which commenced principally in the days of Enos, the grandson of Adam; for then began men to call upon the name of the Lord. 4:26. Enoch, the seventh from Adam, preached of the judgment . . .

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Of the Stability, Durability and Visible Characteristics of the Church of God

That this church, from the beginning to the time of David, was always visible, discernible, and distinguished from other nations, is clear and manifest, and, as far as we know, not doubted by anybody. There remains, then, only to be proved, that the same after the time of David, has always been discernible, according to the preceding manner, and will continue to be so to the end. [The discernibility of the church of God before the time of David, will, we think, not be disputed; and we shall begin, therefore, from that period, leaving the time previous to that untouched.]

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