William Styles, The Gospel: Its Nature And Invitations

The Gospel is of the nature of a DECLARATION or PROCLAMATION.[1]

This appears from an examination of the terms by which it is described in the New Testament.

It is “the word of God,” (Acts 13:44;) the “word of His grace,” (Acts 19:3;) and “the word of this salvation,” (Acts 13:26.) A word is the expression of a thought—the vehicle in which an idea is conveyed: and the Gospel is the oral or written expression of the gracious thoughts of God concerning the salvation of men.

It is a testimony, (Acts 22:18;) and the vocation of the preacher is to testify (or bear witness, or give evidence) to the great facts which the grace of God has originated, (Acts 20:21, and 33:11.

It is a declaration—a ‘making known’ to men in current speech, of the things which concern their peace. (Acts 20:21, and 23:11.)

It is a proclamation—a “forthcrying,” or urgent and earnest statement of the…

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