These are notes of a sermon preached on Sunday 8 October 2017. They have not been proofread. This is the last part of a short series of sermons on the Bible compared to a plough. The subject of this sermon is the principle of the Gospel Law explained by the Lord Jesus Christ.

It has been established by the teachings of the Apostle Paul, that the Principle of the Gospel Law can be reduced to three words—LIFE IN CHRIST. In Romans 8:2, the Apostle Paul called it “the law of the spirit [new nature] of life in Christ Jesus”. As the Gospel Law is called the “Law of Christ” (1 Cor 9:21; Gal 6:2), and since the Lord Jesus Christ is the Covenant Head for His people, it is appropriate to hear what Christ Himself says about His Law. To that end, I have selected three passages from the Gospel According to John. The golden thread woven throughout each text is LIFE IN CHRSIT. Jesus uses three analogies…

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Lord, wilt thou hear a sinner’s plea,
Who humbly begs one thing of thee?
Oh! make my drooping soul alive,
The day that I am twenty-five.

Twenty years of my life has flown,
Before I heat’d an heart-felt groan;

I then was fill’d with worldly life,

And knew nought of the painful strife,

Which since I’ve found within me reign,
Which causeth sorrow, grief end pain . . .

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