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Clifford Pond served in the pastoral ministry among Grace Baptist churches for more than 50 years. Having seen the need for congregations to better understand the complexities of adopting a plurality of elders, he wrote a book entitled “Only Servants.” The back cover of the book offers a reason why the author is a respected authority on the subject: “Clifford Pond writes out of a lifetime of pastoral ministry, having served churches in Suffolk and Surrey as well as exercising a wider ministry at various times by responsible leadership in young people’s fellowships, associations of churches and the council of Grace Baptist Mission.”

In the fifth chapter, under the heading “Plurality of Elders and Deacons”, Mr. Pond writes:

“Since the Second World War every part of life generally has been questioned, and churches too have been put under the scrutiny of Scripture…For example, in the earlier part of this century the most common structure in local churches was a pastor with a group of deacons. In the absence of a pastor…

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On the evening of the 8th of August 2011, I was joined by my brother Marc to stay the night in the church building for the purpose of protecting the facilities from theft, vandalism and arson. Between the 6th and 10th of August, widespread riots, arson and looting was carried out across England. Approximately 3,000 people were arrested, 3,443 crimes committed, five people died, at least 16 people injured and an estimated £200 million worth of property damage incurred.

While sitting in the church office and watching the live news feed, it occurred to me . . .

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The Watchman

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An exposition of Psalm 5:1-3.

David directs his thoughts entirely to God in this Psalm, making it an excellent model of a powerful prayer. Upon a careful reading of the Psalm, four aspects of prayer are highlighted: Its character, object, certainty and benefit. This study examines the first characteristic of a powerful prayer, namely, the dependency of a soul upon the absolute sovereignty of almighty God. Apprehending the governance of God over one’s life is the precursor to an appeal for the guidance of God in one’s life.

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Preface: The following is designed, as its name implies, to be a directory to the doctrines and practices of Baptist churches. Its plan is different from that of any other work; more comprehensive in the range of its subjects, but more concise in its statement of facts. It is rather a hook for reference than a book for general reading. The arrangement is intended to be so clear and convenient, that any subject on which information is wanted, can be found at once. The style is adapted to the condition of those who desire information on such subjects, but who have little disposition for laborious or protracted investigation—instances of which are frequently occurring within the observation of every pastor.

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Every form of organized society, whether civil, social or religious, is supposed to have officers, duly constituted to execute the laws, administer the government, and secure the ends contemplated by the organization. The Church is a commonwealth, a society, a family, and has its officers as leaders and administrators of its affairs. Officers, however, are not essential to the existence of a State, nor are they to the existence of a Church. They are nevertheless important to their highest efficiency, and the best exercise of their legitimate functions. The State does not lapse and cease to be. . .

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