Gadsby’s Hymns

13 Dec 2011, by

A Selection of Hymns, for Public Worship: “Sing ye praises with understanding.” Psalm 47:7

To be employed, with solemn pleasure, in singing the praises of God with the spirit and with the understanding also, is a blessing peculiar to God’s elect; nor can even they be thus engaged, only as the blessed Spirit influences the mind, and favours them with the unction of His grace. It is one thing to have the ear charmed, and another to have the heart engaged in this most delightful part of God’s worship, in His church below. “Blessed are the people that know the joyful sound.”

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Religious faith expresses itself both in worship and in work. In such acts of religious service as may declare the soul’s devotion to the Deity, and in such works as are believed to be pleasing to Him, and such as naturally grow out of the faith cherished, and correspond to the worship offered.

Worship, properly speaking, is adoration and praise offered to God. The emotion is instinctive in a devout soul and tends to exalt and magnify Him to whom all honor and glory are due. It is offered in view of the glorious excellency of the divine character; and also because of what God has done for men. . .

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