Before looking into the perfections of the Godhead, it is proper to begin with a consideration of His names. Now, properly speaking, there is no need to identify God by a name. Not only is He incomprehensible, and therefore transcends the restrictions of a label, but since He is the one and only true God, it is unnecessary to distinguish Him from others. Henceforth, Plato observes that God has no name, and frequently calls Him, “The Being”. Even Moses, when asking the Lord what he should say to the children of Israel, should they ask the name of Him that sent him to them, was told by God, “I am that I am”—that is, I am the eternal Being, the Being of beings, of which the name Jehovah is expressive. Nevertheless, there are names attributed to God throughout the scriptures, taken from one or other of His attributes, which are worthy of notice. After all, is it not the names of persons and things that are usually the first that are known of them? And, if these names are not known…

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