Position 13.—The absolute will of God is the original spring and efficient cause of His people’s salvation.

I say the original and efficient, for, sensu complexo, there are other intermediate causes of their salvation, which, however, all result from and are subservient to this primary one, the will of God. Such are His everlasting choice of them to eternal life—the eternal covenant of grace, entered into by the Trinity, in behalf of the elect; the incarnation, obedience, death and intercession of Christ for them—all which are so many links in the great chain of causes, and not one of these . . .

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Apostate age! O, mock Millenium,

Whose wild, wide-spreading, ignis-fatuus glare
Millions and millions, deceives, betrays:—­
And ye, false lights, whose all unholy shine
But shews more visibly the coming gloom
That gathers round . . .

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“Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect?”

Hail! brother Banks, thou poor despised one,
Belov’d of God ere time its race begun;
Ere worlds were made, or nature drew its breath,
God had decreed to save thy soul from death.

May God the Spirit with his mighty power,
Protect and guard thee in the trying hour;
And grant supplies of grace . . .

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I’d raise to God a grateful song,
For his great love to me
In putting me, a worm, among
His chosen family.

He held me in his fond embrace,
E’re I In Adam fell;
Design’d I should see his face
And never go to hell;

Put me in Christ his darling Son,
Ere earth and skies were made . . .

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Why all these afflictions, if born from above?

So cold in my feelings to one that I love?

A soul that loves Jesus, yet tempted to roam

Far, far, from my Saviour, my heaven, my home.

Home, home, sweet home,
There’s no place like Calvary,
There’s no place like home.

When afflictions abound, which is often the case,
Ah, where should I roam . . .

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