Grace! What a great word is this! The eternal favor of the Eternal God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, without fluctuation, variation or change; in which divine favor, God’s people everlastingly stand; nor can sin, death or hell, get them out. And when this great and glorious gift is bestowed on its elect objects, instead of tending to what is called Antinomianism, it leads to soul-as­tonishment; clothes its unworthy recipient with humility; bringing him, or her, to wonder why, or wherefore, God should have been thus gracious to them while so many are passed by.

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I’d raise to God a grateful song,
For his great love to me
In putting me, a worm, among
His chosen family.

He held me in his fond embrace,
E’re I In Adam fell;
Design’d I should see his face
And never go to hell;

Put me in Christ his darling Son,
Ere earth and skies were made . . .

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