Chapter 2

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Cowper, “The Task,” Book III.

I was a stricken deer that left the herd
Long since. With many an arrow deep infixed
My panting side was charged, when I withdrew
To seek a tranquil death in distant shades.
There was I found by One who had Himself
Been hurt by the archers. In His side He bore
And in His hands and feet the cruel scars.
With gentle force soliciting the darts,
He drew them forth, and healed, and bade me live.
Since then, with few associates, in remote
And silent woods I wander, far from those
My former partners of the peopled scene;
With few associates, and not wishing more.

The salvation of a sinner is the result of divine arrangements which were made before the foundation of the world. The chosen of the Father were ransomed by the blood of the Son; and the power of the Spirit is…

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Preached, on Lord’s Day Morning, Nov. 1st, 1840, in Manchester.

“I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving.”—Ps. 116:17.

Under the Jewish dispensation, God had appointed a variety of offerings and sacrifices for the Jews, under certain circumstances, to be attended to; and if you turn to Leviticus 7, you will find that the offering of the sacrifice of thanksgiving was to be accompanied with unleavened bread, mingled with oil, with wafers anointed with oil, and with cakes fried in oil. Now in reality, beloved, there is no sacrifice of thanksgiving without this oil; and it is…

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In giving the following testimony and declaration of the work of God on the soul of an elect vessel of mercy, our minds have been secretly impressed with the instructions given by the God of Israel unto his people in ancient times; he said not only that they should set up a standard to the people; that is, Christ Jesus the Lord: but he also commanded them to “set up waymarks; and to make high heaps;” that so the virgin daughter of Israel, in her turning again to her own cities might be assured of the certainty, and the safety of the way in which she was caused to travel.

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An Acrostic

E—ternal, merciful and gracious God,

L—et grace and mercy flow through Jesus’ blood,

I—n streams of pardoning love, to sinful me;

Z—ion’s high privilege let me feel and see,

A—nd know my interest, gracious God, in thee:

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Baptismal Propositions

The subject of baptism constitutes one of the primary and fundamental discussions between Baptists and other Christian denominations, and has reference to the form and uses of that ordinance. The following propositions set forth the nature and extent of the controversy, the proof of which propositions will amply justify the Baptist position on that subject.

Prop. I.—That the baptism which John administered, which Jesus received and enjoined, and which the Apostles practised, was an immersion . . .

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