Sermon—“An Introduction To The Book Of Genesis”

Some of the points covered in this sermon:
• The meaning of the name “Genesis” and the reason why the first book of the Bible is given this designation
• The structure of the Old Testament books as a whole
• The structure of the New Testament books as a whole
• The different types of literature which make up the Bible, and the special significance of historic narrative
• A traditional outline of the book of Genesis
• The special structure of the book of Genesis
• A timeline showing the major time periods recorded in the Bible, from the Old Testament to the New Testament, with special attention given to the book of Genesis
• The relationship between people and events, and how they work together in God’s plan for the ages
• The human author of the book of Genesis and when he wrote it
• The key teachings one should observe while reading through the book of Genesis: (1) it explores the WHY of life; (2) it records the history of sinners under the authority of a covenant of works; (3) it records the history of sinners saved by grace, brought under the authority of a covenant of grace

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Chapter 1

5 Nov 2015, by

“A time to be born.”—Ecclesiastes 3:2

Most of us have stood at eventide on some tall cliff that towered above the far-stretching ocean, glowing with the reflected tints of the setting sun; while each restless wave, as it rose and fell, caught the golden glory. Then, as fresh beauties struck us—as new effects of light and shade, harmony and contrast, successively claimed our admiration—we longed for the skill of an artist to depict the scene, for our delight in coming days. The wish, though natural, was vain. The radiance departed from the solemn west; the darkness crept on and hid the distant prospect; and as the evening bell warned us of the flight of time, we wended our homeward way, with faint and fast-fleeting recollections of a vision of grandeur and loveliness.

Somewhat similar has been the case with not a few of the worthies of the great King. They served their generation wisely and well. They won esteem and love. But none were found on earth able or willing…

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