Baptism by Immersion is often thought to be all we require as a prerequisite to the Lord’s Supper – some inadequate Confessions of our Faith countenancing the idea. Our real conviction is, that not Baptism only, but Membership with a Baptised Church, and what this expresses and involves, should always precede and be conjoined with this act of devotion.

This Position is affirmed by the consensus of all Baptist Communities – whether Open or Strict, General or Particular – whose final act of admitting new Members into Fellowship, invariably occurs at the Lord’s Table, when such receive the “right hand of Fellowship.” (Galatians 2:9; 2 Kings 10:10)

This surely expresses the conviction that those present appear on this occasion, in their proper character as members of the family of God, associated as such by common agreement, to witness to their Christian unanimity, confidence, and love, in the most striking and solemn manner. In a word, it is only when assembled AS A CHURCH, that they receive brethren into FELLOWSHIP, that these may observe the Ordinance which is appropriate. to a CHURCH convened as such. They thus, we submit, tacitly admit the principle here advanced.

In addition, it is clear from the New Testament that Church Life was the only form of Christian Life known in the Apostolic age, which set a pattern and a precedent to all Churches to the end of time. Isolated Christians there were none, and the Lord’s Supper was perforce confined to such as were in Church fellowship.


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