Baptism by Immersion is often thought to be all we require as a prerequisite to the Lord’s Supper – some inadequate Confessions of our Faith countenancing the idea. Our real conviction is, that not Baptism only, but Membership with a Baptised Church, and what this expresses and involves, should always precede and be conjoined with this act of devotion.

Our position is established by the Nature of the Lord’s Supper itself, which, we submit, can be observed in accordance with it’s high design by no congregation but a Church. When such an Assembly is gathered together for the “breaking of bread” then only does this Ordinance receive Scriptural and consistent attention.

Its Members are banded together as heaven-born persons and are spiritually related; they have all been baptised; and have all received the teaching of the Holy Spirit. They all love the Truth; share the same vital experience; and are all confidently persuaded that sympathetic affection for all the rest, exists in every heart. Their mutual remembrance of Christ and their confidence in each other, thus ritually expressed, can then be sincere and hearty; seeing that they “who are many are one (loaf of) bread, one body” in token of which they “all” consistently “partake of the one (loaf of) bread.” (1 Corinthians 10:17)

Under no other circumstances is this practicable. At a “united Communion Service,” it is impossible for those present to be sure of the above facts. Fellowship is doubtful; Communion is impossible. The whole affair is simply an interchange of religious congratulations and compliments, in Christ’s name, by means of a perverted Ordinance.

“This is not” really “to eat the Lord’s Supper” which must be the act of a Baptised Church as such.

Ritual without reality is a farce – an empty show, expressing what has no actual existence. With the objects symbolised, the dispositions implied, and the actions signified, no Assembly of men and women can have a full Spiritual acquaintance, save such as are truly joined together in Church Fellowship.


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