The Triune God.

The glorious, yet incomprehensible mystery of the Trinity is to be seen in every Book of Scripture. The earliest writers, after the Apostolic age, when they propose to give a summary of the faith, proceed no farther than the doctrine of the Trinity. Athanasius, for instance, says: “The whole sum and body of our faith is comprised in the words “in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost,”—not mere characters and offices or mere names and titles, but expressive of what They are in Their eternal Being; Three in distinctness of Person, yet One in unity of Essence. In the Covenant of Grace the Father gave the Church to the Son who undertook the mighty work of salvation; the Holy Ghost entering into a Divine engagement to reveal and apply, inspire and anoint; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost having equal glory in planning and accomplishing the scheme of eternal redemption. In the fulness of time, God’s own Son, that is, His true, proper, eternal and only-begotten Son as to the very mode of His subsistence in the Godhead, came in the wondrous fulfilment of His covenant engagements, and took a real human body and a real human soul, essentially impeccable and immortal, into union with His Divine Person; as the Lord Jesus Christ, was born of the Virgin, and thus began His stupendous work on earth as the Substitute, Surety, High Priest, and “All and in all ” to His people, that “multitude that no man can number.” His work, His promises, His Priesthood rest upon what He is, hence it is essential, surrounded as we are by deadly teaching upon this subject, to cleave to the revelation given in the Scriptures of the Person of our holy Redeemer, the eternal Son of God. We need to pray, with Joseph Hart—”Come, Holy Spirit, come.”

“Show us that loving Man
That rules the courts of bliss;
The Lord of Hosts, the Mighty God,
The eternal Prince of peace.”


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