Note 2. The Article Also insists that the “precious Faith” of “God’s elect” “is not a duty incumbent on men as men.”

We do not deny that it is the duty of men to believe in God. We denounce Atheism and Agnosticism as sin. We hold that all men should trust in God’s providential care, and fear and obey Him.

We do not deny that it is the duty of men to believe in the inspiration of the Bible, and to receive and order their lives according to its teachings; and we regard it as wicked for any man to ignore and neglect God’s holy Word.

We do not deny that it is the duty of men to receive, as true, the story of Jesus, as recorded in the New Testament,— to believe in His eternal Deity, His Everlasting Sonship, His mediatorial character, His perfect work, and His present appearing in heaven; and we loathe the sentiments of Free­ thinkers, Socinians, and all others who expressly or overtly repudiate the statements of the Gospel of God.

We do not deny that it is the duty of men to employ their mental and moral powers in relation to God and His worship and service, and we contend that every rational man is account­ able to Him for the right use of his reason, conscience, time, opportunities, money, and influence. We denounce the abuse of these as sin, and insist that it is every man’s duty to live as in the sight of that great and benevolent Being, who is his Creator, Preserver, and continual Benefactor, and will require from all a strict account at last.

We do, however, deny that it is the duty of a natural man to be a spiritual man; to possess the gift of “precious Faith;” to perform acts which are possible to those only who have received that gift; and to believe in Christ Jesus to the saving of his own soul.[1]

[1] Arminians occasionally try to perplex God’s “little children,” who have been led into “the truth,” (1 John 2) by enquiring, “whose fault is it that sinners are not saved?” The answer is, “It is no one’s fault.” The fault lies in the presence and practice of sin, not in the absence of grace and spiritual Faith.


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