Note 3.—Ever since it pleased God to give some of His servants clearer light on this question, others have sought to oppose the truth by misrepresenting the view for which we contend.

Thus the Rev. George Rogers, in “The Sword and the Trowel,” vol. ii., page 8, charges us with holding (1) That it is not the duty of men to believe the Gospel; (2) That Faith is in no sense a duty to saint or sinner; and (3) That no man is responsible for its possession or exercise.

William Jay, in his Morniug Exercise for November 29th, speaks of some “who condemn and ridicule” ministers for “calling upon sinners to believe.”—and dismisses the subject with a few hackneyed phrases, and popular misapplications of Scripture.[1]

[1] The text is 1 John 3:23, the author insisting that, because the Father commands His heaven-bom children to “believe in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ,” ‘‘Faith is a duty,” “unbelief is punishable, and destroys the souland that, “under the Gospel nothing else destroys the soul.”
Very earnestly would we ask our Christian brethren with whom we are at issue, if they deem it right to refer to our sentiments at all, to quote from our accredited publications, and not to make wild and unprovable allegations.


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