John Booth, Sermons

A Never-Failing Seed

15 Nov 2020, by

It is quite possible that every one of us here firmly believes that “a seed shall serve Him”; and because of that we have been exercised as to the advisability of taking this text. We want something to feed upon; we want to find the water of life, we want to find manna in the wilderness. We know that God can make His doctrines hidden manna and strong meat, and the wine of the gospel to our souls. We want establishing in right doctrines; we need the savour and grace of the doctrines.

I will tell you one reason why I am taking this text to-night. Since I have been in this town, I have been reading the life of Mr. Covell. It is just twenty-three years ago to-day since your late pastor was translated from this life to the life above. Notwithstanding that God took away an able minister and removed your under-shepherd, there is still a seed here; “a seed shall serve Him.”

Peter says there are two things testified of by the prophets—the sufferings of Christ and the…

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