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A Right To Enteral Glory, Through The Meritorious Obedience Of Christ, Proved To Be Consistent With The Absolute Freedom And Sovereignty Of Divine Grace, As The Origin Of It

In A Short Discourse On Titus 3:7


The Publication of the following short Discourse, was occasioned by my treating on the Grace of GOD, and the Merit of the Obedience of CHRIST, in two Sermons, which I very lately preached. In composing the first, nothing was more distant from my Thoughts than exposing to public View the Sentiments and Reasoning therein contained. But as some of my worthy Friends, to whom it was acceptable, in hearing, solicited me to make it public, before the Delivery of the second, I determined comply with their Solicitation. And upon the Delivery of the second, they approved their being connected, unto which I was not disinclined. They are both contracted, as the Reader may judge, by the Brevity of the Discourse. But, I hope, not to the Disadvantage of the Sentiments advanced, or the Arguments used in their Defence.

I am apprehensive, that I shall pass under the Censure of some Persons, because I attribute proper infinite Merit to the Obedience of CHRIST. It hath been blasphemously affirmed, that his Obedience is…

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A Discourse Preached By John Brine, Delivered At A Monthly Exercise Of Prayer, With A Sermon, On The 20th Of April, 1749.

“Follow peace with all men, and holiness; without which no man shall see the Lord.”—Hebrews 12:14


It is an observation, which I have long made, that those who are charged with being licentious in their principles, at least, because of their firm attachment to the doctrines of the true grace of God, always express an approbation of real holiness: and that discourses of evangelical obedience, are sure to meet with a cordial reception from them, when others of different sentiments about the doctrines of the grace of God, discover a dislike to such discourses. The reason of which is, I am persuaded, the former really understand the nature of holiness, approve of, and aspire after true purity, and that the latter are both ignorant of it, and enemies to it. The consideration of this alone, prevented my being surprised that I should be desired to publish this discourse. I believe, that those whole desire this was, are much concerned to promote true holiness, both of heart and life; and that, under the influence of this principle, they moved for this publication, as what, in their very candid opinion, might, through the divine blessing, in some measure, be subservient to that important purpose. That this pious view may be answered by it, I trust, is the sincere desire and prayer of its unworthy author,

John Brine

The inspired writer, in this chapter, offers various things to the consideration of the Hebrews, in order to animate and encourage them under those affictions which they suffered, viz. that God was their compassionate Father, that he was determined to do them good by all His dispensations towards them: particularly, that he designed to make them…

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A Discourse Preached By John Brine At The Rev. Mr. Thompson’s Meeting-House, In A Monthly Exercise Of Prayer, With A Sermon, February The 19th, 1761. Published At The Request Of Some Who Heard It.

“For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man; but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.”—2 Peter 1:21

The Apostle exhorts us, in the preceding part of the context, reverentially to regard the writings of the prophets. And in order to enforce his exhortation, he introduces the words which I have read. In treating the text, I would first, explain the terms and phrase used therein, and then, advance a doctrinal proposition from them.

First. Prophecy is the knowledge and revelation of things, not discoverable by natural light, whether past, present, or future. Things past are matter of prophecy. For instance, the order of creation which Moses gives, the account of; that could not possibly be discovered by reason. The great Creator, in an immediate and supernatural manner, made known to Moses how he proceeded in the formation of all things which exist. Present things also were…

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