Jared Smith was born and raised in London, England. He served twenty years as the pastor of a Strict and Particular Baptist church in Kensington, London. He and his wife (Elna) moved to the Philippines in 2019 for the purpose of pioneering a gospel work in Elna’s native country. It is a ‘pioneering’ work, as it is a full and free gospel that is set forth, unencumbered by the will, works and wiles of unregenerate sinners.

Today, there is much that goes by the name of true religion, and an unadulterated gospel and authentic Christianity. However, once the sinner is able to discard the self-help sermons (disguised as gospel preaching) and concert jamming sessions (disguised as worship), and the free-will/duty-faith message (disguised as the gospel message), it is soon discovered the preacher and the people are bereft of the gospel and show little sign of authentic Christianity or true religion. These well meaning, but misguided congregations, understand neither what they say, nor whereof they affirm. Unbeknown to the average person congregating with such groups, and what comes as a terrible shock when their eyes are opened to the truth, is that these congregations have more in common with the error of Balaam and Simon the sorcerer, than with the Lord Jesus Christ.

As an Evangelist, Jared is serving the Lord by (1) preaching the gospel in various locations, (2) organizing and encouraging churches, (3) and training gospel preachers. He is currently discharging these responsibilities in two locations—Manila and Batangas.

• If you are looking for a Sovereign Grace Baptist church in the Manila or Batangas areas, then please do not hesitate to contact Jared and Elna for the exact location and service times

• If you are an existing church and looking for pastoral support, then please consider contacting Jared and Elna for counsel and guidance

• If you are a preacher looking to receive further training for the gospel ministry, then please contact Jared and Elna for a free mentorship program

The First Floor Of The Ministry House In Manila

The Second Floor Of The Ministry House In Manila

Explaining High Views Of Sovereign Grace To Some Gospel Preachers

A Farm Lot In Batangas To Be Developed Into A Training Center For Gospel Preachers

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