“Shiloh.”—Genesis 49:10

Precious name of the Lord Jesus! How blessed hath it been in all ages to thy people. Oh Lord, make it as ointment poured forth this morning to my soul! Both Jews and Christians alike agree in it, that it belongs only to the Messiah. And how then is it that they do not see Christ in it, even our Jesus, who suffered under Pontius Pilate, and died, as Caiaphas predicted the expediency, that one man should die for the people, and that he should fulfil the dying patriarch’s prediction, by gathering together in one the children of God which were scattered abroad? That Jesus answered to Jacob’s prediction, and none but Jesus ever did, is evident from their own testimony:—”We have a law,” said they to Pilate, “and by that law he ought to die.” Now, then, they themselves hereby confessed that as Jacob prophesied, the Lawgiver was not departed from Israel when Christ came. And when they added, “We have no king but Caesar,” certain it was, from their own testimony, the sceptre was gone out of the family of Judah, when the heathen emperor was king. Think of these evidences, my soul, and feast thyself upon the precious name of thy Shiloh. Thy Jesus, thy Shiloh, thy Almighty Deliverer, is come. He is both thy Lawgiver and thy Law-fulfiller; thy God and thy King, who sprang out of Judah. Oh thou glorious Shiloh! let my soul be gathered to thee, to live upon thee and to thee; and do thou, Lord, arise out of Zion, and when the fulness of the gentiles is completed, let both Jew and gentile be gathered into one fold, of which be thou the ever-living, ever-loving, ever-governing Shiloh, to bless them in thyself for ever. Amen.


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