• Thomas Hardy

    The Life And Ministry Of Thomas Hardy

    Mr. T. Hardy was born July 22, 1790, at a house on the road leading to Kirby-Muxloe, four miles from Leicester, with a twin sister, bearing a striking likeness to each other, not only in features, but in other respects; both enrolled in the book of life, and brought to seek salvation from a sense of deep necessity about the same time. The Sovereign Lord has also snatched from the ruins of the fall several others of the same family. The twin sister is still living; but afflicted at times with nervous affections, as was the case with her brother Thomas, for the most part of his life.

  • Thomas Hardy

    The Life And Testimony Of Thomas Hardy

    Another Leicester minister of this period was Thomas Hardy (1790-1833), an able and laborious servant of Christ, chiefly known now by his two volumes of Letters, edited by his personal friend, Matthew Hutchinson. They are couched in masculine and expressive language, and have comforted and fed many of God's poor and needy people. He was especially great in his expositions of the Word, and exhibited an invincible repugnance to everything new in religion. He invariably dwelt in his ministry and conversation upon those things which were calculated to unite the family of God; hence partisanship and sectarianism, as such, were foreign to him. It is noteworthy how widely useful has been the ministry of letters, and how at this period especially God endowed His servants…

  • Francis Covell

    The Life And Ministry Of Francis Covell

    The late beloved Francis Covell still lives in the affections of thousands of the Lord's family to whom his ministry was made a blessing. Although his work was chiefly confined to Croydon, yet the influence of his ministry extended far beyond his native town, in which he preached for over thirty-five years. His printed sermons, which were published monthly, have long been out of print, and any stray copies that can still be obtained are always eagerly welcomed by lovers of experimental truth, both for public and private reading. But to read Mr. Covell's sermons gives only a faint impression of what it was to hear them delivered; the whole man seemed to speak, and none who heard him could fail to realize his tremendous…

  • Eli Page

    The Life And Ministry Of Eli Page

    One more standard bearer has been removed from the walls of Zion, one that will be greatly missed, not only by the Church at Mayfield, over which he has been pastor for thirty years, but also by many Churches in Sussex and other counties where his savory testimony to experimental religion has given him a place in the affections of hundreds of the Lord's family. His Conversion For the first nineteen years of his life, Eli Page followed the course of this world. He has described his youthful days as being rough and wild, reveling in the most filthy conversation, but when he lost his father by death, as he stood by his grave the arrow of conviction entered his soul. He often told his…

  • Jared Smith On Various Issues,  John Bunyan McCure

    The Life And Legacy Of John Bunyan McCure

    McCure omits any autobiographical information prior to the age of thirteen. At this age he relates how his mother suffered from 'rheumatic gout' for a period of twelve years necessitating his leaving home and seeking employment. Very early in his religious experience he became preoccupied with the Calvinistic doctrine of election: 'My trouble was now, whether I was one of the Lord's chosen'. McCure was converted under Richard Luckin, a paedobaptist, at Woodbridge Chapel, Clerkenwell. Shortly after his conversion he became convinced of believer's baptism, and was immersed by the Rev John Luscombe at Bethel Chapel, City Road, London. McCure preached his first sermon on Sunday 1 Mar 1840 and was married the same year at the Islington Church. He became a full-time preacher among…

  • Elisha Coles

    Elisha Coles On “God’s Sovereignty”

    ”Elisha Coles on “God’s Sovereignty” should also be mentioned as a book written in a most concise and interesting manner and well calculated to be helpful to young Christians. It was warmly recommended by Goodwin, Owen and Romaine. It was written by a plain Bible-reader engaged in business and but little versed in the niceties of the schools. Like Edward Polhill, of Burwash, the author of “The Mystical Union Betwixt Christ and Believers” and other works, Coles was not a preacher, but just a prayerful, Spirit-taught believer, who knew much of the ups and downs of business life.“