• James Poole

    Conditional Time Salvation

    Is it a Bible doctrine? or Is it a recent heresy?  "Truth needs no apology, and error deserves none. Prefatory lies have often atoned for ignorance and ill-will in the Eastern and European worlds; but let the sons of America be free. It is more essential to learn how to believe, than to learn what to believe. "The doctrine and spirit of the following remarks are left for the reader to judge of for himself. Truth is in the least danger of being lost, when free examination is allowed." Elder John Leland  We humbly adopt the above sentiment of Leland as we approach this subject. The purpose of this article is singular. We seek to establish that Conditional Time Salvation is not revealed in the…

  • James Poole

    The Life And Ministry Of James Poole

    He was born June 1, 1934 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, the second child of five to his mother, Mary E Poole and father James W. Poole. His parents both preceded him in death, in addition, to his sister Barbara Follis (Dee) and brother John Poole. On October 20, 1956, Jim married the “Love of His Life,” Peggy Ann (Sims). They had three children—James, Linda, and Matthew. As a young person, James was draftsman at Lockheed Corporation. Additionally, he worked as a Department Manager at Sears Roebuck in Atlanta, Georgia and Salisbury, Maryland. He felt that he was called to the ministry, which led him to a pastoral position as Elder James F. Poole. He pastored an Old School Baptist Church in Snow Hill, Maryland for approximately…

  • David Bartley

    The Life And Testimony Of David Bartley

    The gentle reader may want to know the motive and aim of the author in offering this humble tribute to the brotherhood; therefore I may briefly say, the motive is neither ambitious nor selfish, but to glorify God; and the aim is, to both admonish and encourage His dear and loving children, especially the young soldiers of the Cross. I have been moved to write this outline of my early life in testimony of the righteousness, mercifulness and faithfulness of God. His long-suffering and goodness both in Providence and Grace, in His hand-dealings with me, will be plainly seen by the spiritual and observant reader.

  • David Bartley,  Jared Smith On Various Issues

    The Origin And Teachings Of Conditional Primitive Baptists

    The origin of the English Particular Baptists and the American Particular Baptists may be traced to the first half of the seventeenth century. Generally speaking, both groups came to embrace eighteenth century Hyper-Calvinism, but by the turn of the nineteenth century, were thrown into conflict by the newfangled teachings of Andrew Fuller. The English Particular Baptists separated into the Gillite (Hyper-Calvinist) and Fullerite (Moderate-Calvinist) camps (during the 1780’s), whereas the American Particular Baptists separated into the Primitive (Gillite) and Missionary (Fullerite) camps (during the 1830’s). 

  • George Ella's Biographical Sketches,  John Wycliffe

    The Life And Ministry Of John Wycliffe

    John Wycliffe is rightly called the Morning Star of the Reformation. In God’s Providence, he was the man who inherited the apostolic gospel of salvation in Christ as described in the doctrines of grace. He was elected by God to build on the work of Englishmen such as Greathead and Bradwardine and pass it on to Continental men of God such as John Hus, Jerome of Prague and Martin Luther. Besides this, he laid the exegetical and spiritual foundation for the British Reformation. Indeed, one can say that, in God’s good plan for the sixteenth century Reformation of the Church, all roads lead to the life and works of John Wycliffe. As Wycliffe was more thorough-going than many of his reforming successors, it will benefit…

  • John Underhill

    The Life And Ministry Of John Underhill

    He was born at Gornal, near Dudley, in Staffordshire, was sent apprentice to Birmingham, where he sat under the ministry of Mr. John Ryland, and became exceedingly anxious to obtain a knowledge of the Scriptures. Here it pleased God to lay his afflicting hand on him by fever. On a particular occasion he heard Mr. Ryland address a congregation of young people. On this occasion, the Lord impressed his mind respecting the salvation of his immortal soul; he began to feel he was a sinner, a lost sinner, but how to look for salvation he could not tell. He began to pray and cry to God for mercy; and on several occasions got a few of his youthful companions into a hay loft, told them…