The Baptist Particular is an online publication of the Association of Historic Baptists. The AHB belongs to the heritage and is aligned with the teachings of the Strict and Particular Baptist churches of England. The Baptist Particular aims to preserve this heritage and to promote these teachings, both of which are founded upon the glorious gospel of the blessed God.

There are several inherent assertions which distinguish the teachings of the Strict and Particular Baptists from the more prevalent “reformed” churches of our day:

Saving faith is the result of...
…regenerating grace, and only those who have been brought experientially under the authority of the covenant of grace (redemption) are duty-bound to believe on Christ to the saving of their souls
The gospel should be fully and freely preached to...
…all, but should not be presumptuously offered to anyone
The rule of conduct for the believer’s life is...
…the gospel law, which is the soul’s union with Christ, by virtue of which the life and graces of Christ flow into the soul, enabling the believer to work out his/her salvation with fear and trembling
The Authorized Version of the Bible, based on...
…the Hebrew Masoretic Text and the Greek Textus Receptus, is the most reliable translation in the English language today
The biblical pattern of church governance is...
…congregational order, with a close(d) communion table, and the oversight of one pastor assisted by a group of deacons

Where the teachings uphold one or more of these values, here you will find hundreds of contributors, past and present, from many varied backgrounds. Therefore, the views of one contributor may not represent the full views of another. The reader is encouraged to examine all views for himself/herself in light of God’s Word, nurturing his/her own convictions on each matter. If you are new to this site or these teachings, the Timeline is an excellent place to begin.

Jared Smith is the Director of the AHB and Chief Editor of The Baptist Particular. For twenty years he served as the pastor of a Strict and Particular Baptist church in England and now serves as an Evangelist in the Philippines. Please drop him a note if you wish to correspond.

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    We hope you will find this online archive useful in your journey with the Lord, and pray He will bless the teachings to your soul.