The Association of Historic Baptists subscribes to the teachings of the Strict and Particular Baptists. The name “Strict” refers to the Lord’s Table restricted to baptized believers in covenant with a local church; the name “Particular” refers to the Lord’s atonement restricted to those belonging to the gracious covenant of the TriUne Jehovah. In an effort to simplify these names, we are choosing to identify this group of churches as Covenant Baptists. In addition to the doctrines of Restricted Communion and Sovereign Grace, we also affirm the Authorized Version to be the most trustworthy translation of the Bible readily available in the English language today. Moreover, we affirm the biblical pattern of church governance to be overseen by one pastor, assisted by a group of deacons.

This online resource is designed (1) to promote the teachings of the Covenant Baptists, and (2) to link likeminded churches together in an informal listing of congregations. If you subscribe to one or more of these Affirmations, you are welcome to join the Association.

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