Strict Baptist Magazines

Or, those publications which promote high views of sovereign grace. It may be argued the Strict and Particular Baptist churches (SPB's) of the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries were at their strongest when they remained independent congregations, unaffiliated with Magazines and Societies. This strength was lost during the latter half of the 19th century when the churches clamored around favorite periodicals and regional associations. Although the Magazines were largely responsible for creating a party-spirit and culpable for stirring up needless controversy, they nevertheless contain many valuable resources which may prove a blessing to this generation. Although they differed on various points of doctrine, they invariably held to high views of sovereign grace (Hyper-Calvinism), denouncing as heresy the pernicious teachings of Andrew Fuller. It is this distinguishing feature which drew the SPB's to these publications.


  • Isaac Johnson,  The Gospel Ambassador

    “God Is For Me”

    Is God for me? I fear not, though all against me rise; When I call on Christ, my Saviour, the host of evil flies. My Friend—the Lord Almighty, and He who loves me—God. What enemy shall harm me, though coming as a flood?” “When I cry unto Thee, then shall mine enemies be turned back: this I know; for God is for me.”—Ps 56:9 Happy, thrice happy is the man who has the eternal God for his Refuge; under whom "the everlasting arms" are eternally placed; and who with heaven-inspired confidence can say, "God is for me." There never was a period, in duration's endless round, in which this language did not stand true, concerning the Church collectively, and every individual member of Christ's mystical…

  • Charles Banks,  The Earthen Vessel

    A Report On The Annual Meeting In Support Of The Earth Vessel

    To the Ministering Brethren—to the Members of the Church of Christ at Crosby Row—and to all who gave their countenance and help at the Annual Meeting on behalf of The Earthen Vessel, on Tuesday, May 17, 1853, this small expression of my gratitude is presented with feelings of increasing desire that my labours may be more than ever devoted to the bringing together, building up, and feeding of a portion of the ransomed church of the living God. Riding this morning, (Wednesday, May 18th) from Paddington to Wantage, in Berkshire, (where I hope to preach the gospel of God) my mind has been stirred up with a desire to address a few words to you expressive of my sincere thanks for every token both of…

  • New Focus Magazine,  Peter Meney on Doctrinal Matters

    ‘Justified By His Grace’

    In Titus chapter 3 the Apostle Paul reminds his young friend to ‘affirm constantly’ the doctrine of justification by God’s grace. The free gift of God’s righteousness imputed to sinners is to be faithfully declared and frequently repeated. It is the message we as needy sinners should demand from our preachers, and which we who are preachers should be determined to declare. Being ‘justified by his grace’ is at the very heart of the gospel message. If we are ‘justified by his grace’ there can be no element of our own works involved.  Gospel preaching is sovereign grace preaching. If a preacher does not preach free, sovereign grace he is not preaching the gospel. Furthermore, if he does not affirm constantly this message he is…

  • The Friendly Companion

    God’s Care Of His People

    Dear Children,—I have thought that it might not be altogether unprofitable to devote a little time to the very remarkable subject of the passage of the children of Israel through the Red Sea. It is a circumstance that manifests God's great and glorious power in the deliverance of his own people Israel; but awful vengeance indeed in the destruction of their enemies. We find the children of Israel encamped in a valley between two high hills, or mountains. The Red Sea lay before them, the impassable mountains on either side, so that, to all human appearance, there is no way out of this place but the way by which they came, and that is now blocked by a host of enemies. Now, although they are…

  • The Voice of truth

    Precious Faith

    This we have not by nature. So far are we from being capable of faith in Christ, in a state of unregeneracy, that it is altogether contrary to our nature. God created Adam holy, and placed him in the garden of Eden in a state of sinless perfection; but he by disobedience merited the displeasure of Heaven, and being the head of the covenant of works, plunged not only himself, but the whole human race into a state of sin, degradation, misery, and death; and the word of God declares us all to be sinners of the deepest dye—dead in trespasses and sins, and blinded by the god of this world. We are all like sheep gone astray; and so fallen are we, that by…